A Touch of Bling, your Bra Strap Shop for sexy bra straps, rhinestone bra straps, beaded bra straps, designer fashion bra straps, decorative bra straps and jewelry bra straps. Transform your bra straps into shoulder jewelry with our bra strap accessories.

Interchangeable shoulder jewelry bra straps are the classy solution for peekaboo bra straps. Dress up any outfit by adding bling and make it your own by attaching A Touch of Bling bra straps to your strapless or convertible bra. Make our bra strap accessory part of your daily wardrobe.

For your own fashion statement our styles range from rhinestone jewelry bra straps, silver and gold chain bra straps, beaded bra straps and embellished fashion bra straps. Choose a comfortable, adjustable pearl or braided bra strap to enhance your look. It’s your fashion statement.

For instant glamour, try pairing a rhinestone bra strap with your favorite jeans. For weddings, proms, special occasions or a night out try our bridal bra strap line or our elegant rhinestone and diamante bra straps.

Off the shoulder tops and one shoulder tops are perfect for adding a little bling. Decorative bra straps are the perfect fashion accessory for this outfit. Our sparkling crystals in our rhinestone bra strap line and our fabric bra straps will definitely turn heads. Keep your strapless bra in place with A Touch of Bling bra straps.

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