Make a Statement with Accessories!

Every year, designers are sending larger pieces of jewelry down the runway, pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion accessories. Whether it’s a pile of gold chains, an oversize floral brooch or an armful of bangles that simply can’t be missed, we’re seeing more and more costume style jewelry out there. But it’s not just on the runway that we’re seeing these trends. In fact, there’s popping up everywhere from the office to happy hour to college campuses, as fashionistas everywhere rock huge gemstones in the form of cocktail rings and pendants.

Now, imitating the style of celebs like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez is easy, and more affordable than ever. You can find some wallet-friendly pieces that make a style statement for just a fraction of the cost of the real-thing.

Bold costume pieces are meant to be  exaggerated. They are meant to be over-the-top and even a little bit gaudy.  One necklace, bracelet or necklace can create a focal point for your outfit, as an accessory that simply can’t be ignored. Best of all, you can get the look for just a fraction of the cost of the real-thing. No one will care that the gems aren’t real, but they will surely notice your great sense of style.    

If you’re not sure about wearing statement cocktail jewelry, try working in a piece like a bold cocktail ring in a fun color or a giant geometric bangle in a natural material, and work your way up to a more daring piece like a layered necklace. As long as you have confidence, your jewelry will simply be the finishing touch that will complete your look.

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