Bra Strap Fashion Mistakes!

Fashion Mistakes Caught on Camera

These Celebrities could use Decorative Bra Straps by A Touch Of Bling!

 Jennifer Love Hewitt bares her bra straps at a premiere event. Maybe next time she will add a pair of Turquoise Beaded Bra Straps  to match her necklace.

 Gwen Stefani, white shirt black bra, enough said!!  She should really try a pair of fun Fabric Bra Straps it would definitely look much better.

Jamie King, working out is no excuse for showing those straps, she could of at least added some bling with swarovski crystal bra buckles.

Really? All dressed up showing plain black bra straps. These would look so much better, sparkling Three Row Rhinestone Bra Straps.

 A Touch Of Bling is your bra strap shop for beautiful designer bra straps for every occasion!

You can now…Strut Your Straps with style!

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