Beautiful Shoulders!

Just think about it, when you have great shoulders you look amazing in just about any top. I love my strapless tops and halter tops.

Here are a few tricks to keep the shoulders looking beautiful and toned!

1. Push ups: not only good for the shoulders but you will get a great workout in the chest and latissimus dorsi (the biggest muscle in the back). Make it harder by trying one-legged pushups.

2. Lateral raises: holding a weight in each hand, stand with legs should width apart and arms down by your side. Slowly rise that arms straight out as if you were making a “snow angel”.

3. Pull-ups: I suggest holding the bar with an underhand grip. This will target the shoulders and back. Start with using a pull-up bar assistance machine if needed. Once you progress to doing them on your own try placing weights on your feet!

4. Forward raise: a lot like the lateral raise but instead of raise the arms out to the sides, raise them directly to the front. Make sure to keep arms straight.

5. Shoulder shrugs: Holding weights down by your sides, shrug your shoulders slowly as high as manageable. Work on bringing them up to the ears.

6. Incline bench press: you will probably need to use less weight than if performing the standard bench press. This position targets more of shoulder action than laying down. So there you have it, 6 great exercises to give you the best shoulders around. Remember you do not need to perform all 6 of these but choose your top 3 to do during your workout.

Never work the same muscles 2 days back to back. Take a rest day in between to get the best results.

Get ready so you can show off those shoulders and  Strut Your Straps!

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