Finding a Coat that Flatters your Figure

When you are shopping for jackets and coats, comfort sure is an important factor. However, this does not mean that there is a need to compromise with style. Paying equal attention to both is the right thing to do. The easiest way to ensure both is to buy from a store that stocks chic winter coats and jackets.

Coat styles vary widely – trench coats, fur coats, capes, Aviator jackets, and many others are quite popular. Knowing which coat silhouette would look good on which figure is an essential. Here are a few tips for help.

If you are blessed with an hourglass figure, make sure you buy a coat that accentuates the curves. Coats reaching your knee and tied with a belt around the waist could be a good choice. Do not hide away in a slouchy one.

If you are a little top heavy, make sure you take away attention from this part. Single-buttoned coats with small lapels and a simple collar (or no collar) work well, especially when combined with a fuller lower part.

If you are bulkier in the middle, opt for winter coats that have V-necklines to take away attention from the mid-section. Fitted ones with buttons just below the bust line or trench styled long coats are also good for your figure.

If you are a bit heavier in the lower section, choose winter wear that attracts attention to the upper body. Structured shoulders, embellished collar, fuller sleeves, and such other features work well to create this effect.

If you are a little lacking in curves, you need to create the illusion of this with the right coat styles. Double-breasted ones provide you with a fuller upper body; combine this with a slightly flared lower and it would achieve the perfect silhouette.

Whether you possess the perfect figure or you do not, finding winter coats and jackets for women of every body type is not difficult if you are shopping at the right place. An online store scores in this regard. It is easy to browse through numerous products to find the one you are looking for without the necessity of going anywhere.

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