Celebrity Beauty Tips and Secrets

To reduce the puffiness in an instant

Dip a spoon in ice cold water and then press the back of it against your under eye area,cheeks,chin and all those places where you want to reduce the bloated look.

Looking for the best eye concealer?

Use the product that is thin, not thick and then build it on layers, patting each layer until you cover your flaws.Donot rub the concealer.Choose a blue based concealer for a better under eye coverage. It will reflect light and make the eyes look brighter. If you have heavy dark circles then try the yellow or orange based concealer as it will neutralize the dark area underneath your eyes.

Keeping your Eyeliner intact all night

Mix visene eye drops to your eye liner. The viscous quality of visene makes the eye liner go on easily and move moistly, while helping it to last longer.

Glamour girl look

Use a shampoo that contains dimethicone copolyol, a volume booster. And always put hair spray from underneath, which gives the roots some extra lift.

Get a sun kissed glow without the sun

Use a powdered face bronzer, but choose a shade in pinky brown and avoid orange tones. To keep the look natural, use a fat brush and feather it out into the hairline, down under the jaw, and onto the neck.

The biggest eyebrow mistake? Making them too thin or too dark.

Fix a gaffe by choosing a powder brush color in a shade or two lighter than your hair to create a look that is more natural. Top it with a brow wax to keep the brow neat and in place.

What about duplicating those bee- stung luscious lips?

Instead of the lip plumping products, just pick up a bottle of ordinary cinnamon oil. The oil brings blood to the lips which cause the plumping and the effect lasts about three to four hours. But before applying, take a patch test under your arm to check if you have oil allergies or not.

Get a soft and sophisticated glow

If you’re looking for a slightly lower wattage and a more sophisticated glow use a buttery cream foundation that stays moist on the skin. But before buying make sure to read the label carefully. If it says metallic, avoid it , if it says the foundation will dry on the skin , it won’t work , it has to say cream or soufflé on the label and have a buttery cream consistency that stays moist, in order to get that soft glow.

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