10 Hot Fall Wedding Trends for 2011!

Think summer is the only time of year to hold a fashionable wedding? Think again. Fall can be the perfect backdrop for intimate, but chic, nuptials. Here’s what to watch out for as the temperatures cool down.

1. Luxe is back Say goodbye to the tea-length dresses of summer and hello to show-stopping ball gowns and head-turning accessories. As the temperatures cool down, brides are opting for longer veils, gowns with jewel embellishments, and bold accessories, like cocktail rings and lace gloves. A Touch of Bling bra straps would be a wonderful fashion accessory for any bride or bridesmaid. http://atouchofbling.com/Bridal-Bra-Straps/

2. Foodie focus While comfort food has been big for the last several years, couples are now turning to local ingredients and a farm fresh style of cooking. Gone are wedding guest horror stories of half-cooked mystery meats. Instead, couples are turning to gourmet chefs to make their entrees the main event at the reception.

3. Timeless wedding cakesWe agree cupcakes are cute, but nothing beats the majestic look of an all-white wedding cake standing by itself in a reception hall. While brides are still dressing up their cakes with personalized toppers, flowers, or intricate scrollwork, the all-white, classic cake is making a serious comeback.

4. Art deco-inspired colors Go bold or go home! Skip the autumnal gold and garnet combo for a vintage-inspired look: black plus a single rich hue, like emerald, aubergine, or ruby. Black reception decor makes for a sleek, sophisticated look while the accent color will keep it all from being too drab.

5. Extra entertainment Wallflowers can rejoice _ receptions these days have more options than “dance or sit out.” Cultural entertainment, like mariachi bands, belly dancers, or even Irish step dancers, can be a great way to kick off the evening while little extras like sleight-of-hand magicians, palm readers, or life-sized photo booths will keep guests laughing throughout the night.

6. “Mad Men” beauty touches From their hairstyles to their makeup, brides can’t get enough of those elegant and chic Mad Men-inspired looks. Be on the lookout for scarlet lips and smoky eyes, along with hair that’s neatly curled and perfectly tucked into place with an heirloom brooch.

7. Mix and mingle-style dining Rather than halting conversation for an abrupt transition to dinner, couples are opting to extend their cocktail hours and serve heavier appetizers. And when it finally comes time to sit down and dine, it’s banquet seating and family-style service. The main idea: Keep the conversation going.

8. Whiskey barsOf course signature cocktails are a great way to show a little personality, but what about an entire bar devoted to a drink of choice? Whiskey bars, Scotch bars, and bubble bars (that feature sparkling wines) are some of the most popular specialized bars that will take center stage this fall.

9. Custom illustrations From custom silhouettes to graphic designs of the couple’s favorite hobby, illustrations are popping up on invitations, ceremony programs, and even on thank-you cards.

10. Eclectic centerpieces and table settings Ditch matchy-matchy plates and centerpieces for a look that’s one of a kind. Shabby chic finds, like vintage floral designed plates and mismatched fabric squares for napkins, can make any ho-hum reception table look festive and customized.

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