Beauty From The Waist Up!

Beauty from the waist up!

Décolletage (or décolleté, its adjectival form, in current French) is the upper part of a woman’s torso, between her waist and neck, comprising her neck, shoulders, back and chest, that is exposed by the style of her clothing. 

This area gets more attention than any other part of a woman’s body when it comes to fashion.

Over the years fashion has dictated how much of that area we are allowed to leave exposed, embellished or just keep modestly covered. 

Necklines go up and usually so does the hairstyle. When they come down, anything goes. 
The hair swept up gives full exposure to the nape of the neck, the curve and the collar bone all of which are very alluring and sensual areas that draw a man’s eyes to our face.

Curled, straight, permed, colored-whatever you may do to your hair, remember it is a main attraction and sets the stage for everything else. Women used to wear ribbons in their hair to attract attention to it. The way your hair moves, how it shines even how it smells all play a part in how it compliments you.

Jewelry is another way to enhance your beauty.  It can add color, sparkle even intrigue if worn just right.  It can tell people your social status, your marital status, your beliefs and of course, your sense of style.  It can be fun, set new trends, even create a polished professional look to get you that promotion.

It can also send the wrong message if overdone by being distracting, taking away from the beauty of the wearer.  You want to enhance your best features and create a frame that compliments them.

There is even jewelry made just for your shoulders if you choose to wear a strapless top or dress, and if you wear your hair up, dangling earrings are a great choice!

Wearing just the right neckline, hairstyle and jewelry together can really compliment a woman’s looks and make her feel extremely confident.  

Color can also make an impact both on how you feel and how others see you.  Red is a powerful color that has been used by women for centuries to show strength, to stand out and to make you notice them.  This can be the clothes you wear, your makeup, jewelry even a handbag.

This is all great info to add to your beauty arsenal when you walk to your closet or look in the mirror, try some of these ideas and see what happens!
Written by: Nancy Beasanski

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