According to Marilyn. . .




According to Marilyn. . .

I once heard that Marilyn Monroe had her own rules when it came to wearing jewelry.   She would dress for the evening, put on her jewelry, then look in the mirror and remove at least one piece.

I think that is a great rule of thumb when dressing for the evening, especially when you are going to be wearing embellished bra straps.  You want them to compliment each other, not cancel each other out.

When choosing what I will wear for the evening, I will first choose my bra straps according to the look I want and the mood I’m in, then I will find just the right jewelry to compliment it.  First the earrings, then a fun ring and maybe a bracelet.

When it comes to necklaces I am very careful to not let them compete with my bra straps-most times I go without because the bra straps do so much to compliment my shoulders and neckline that I just don’t need the necklace!

It also depends on how I decide to wear my hair.  If I wear it up and use a decorative hair clip, I’m careful to make sure that the clip is similar to the bra straps, rhinestones with rhinestones, pearl beads with pearls, etc., etc.  A little goes a long way!

If it’s good enough for Marilyn, it’s good enough for me!



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