How To Use A Touch of Bling Decorative Bra Straps

How does our product work?

Its simple!! All you do is attach the bra strap to your convertible or strapless bra!

Each strap is equip with 4 clips. These clips gets attached to the inside of your convertible or strapless bra. Two in the front and two in the back unless you purchased a halter style bra strap.

If your bra strap needs to be adjusted it is very easy! Simply move the claw clip to the specific size and clip it to the chain.

Our jewelry bra straps will be your favorite accessory yet!

A Touch of Bling is your one stop Bra Strap Shop for beautiful interchangeable bra straps! With an extensive selection ranging from rhinestone bra straps to fabric straps you are bound to find the perfect strap for any occasion! Add a touch of bling to your strapless or convertible bra today!

Now you are ready to start Strutting your Straps!!

We hope you enjoy our product! !

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