Frugal Fashionista

Here are a few tips for dressing fashionably on a budget, it’s not always what we want to do, but sometimes we need to tighten our purse stings. You don’t need to shop less, just smart. With the right tips to help you bargain shop, you can still look Fabulous without breaking the bank.

Stick to a Budget

Decide how much you will spend before you leave the house. Look in your closet and decide on a few key pieces that you can add to other items of clothing that you already own. Stick to the items that you need first before buying that “Have To Have It” item.


Buy quality not quantity. Instead of buying a dozen cheap pairs of pants, save your money on a couple or more really nice ones that are made of quality materials. You can get your designer fix at factory outlet stores or your local out stores. Think of the old saying you get what you pay for, alot of times cheap clothes will not hold up with the basic washing.


Wait until the stores have  season sales or holiday sales. Most department stores will heavily discount merchandise during these sale events. These stores will also mark merchandise down every week, so keep checking back for that item that was full price because chances are it will be on sale next week. You can always pick up a great bargains on the clearance rack and have money left for accessories.

The Black Dress

Buy one! Mix it with a blazer or a sweater. Try wearing tights and boots, you can dress it up or down. This is a must have, the black dress is a very versatile piece of clothing that you can wear over and over and never look the same twice.


Buy a few nice purses, belts and scarves, these items can really change-up an outfit. Using other pieces like, necklaces, pins, bangles and hair accessories will also make an outfit come to life. Be careful not to overdo the accessories, they will make even the finest of outfits look cheap.

Vintage Clothes

Hit those thrift shops, go to some garage sales and rummage through your parents closet. You will be amazed at what you can find. Some vintage clothes are such classic pieces that you might want to hang on to them a lot longer as they do several more rounds throughout the years. Fashion comes around every few years.

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