The Hottest Shoe and Boot Styles for Fall!

Do you want to know what everyone will be wearing on their feet this fall?

Did you know the shoes worn with socks are in, spike heels and chunky heels are definitely for the fashionistas’ and that wedges will remain hot through next season?

Colors for the Fall 

Neutral colors will always remain in style, lets face it there is a good reason that neutral footwear is so popular, and that is because it’s so easy to wear. You might find a nice pair of yellow boots that you love but they’re just not going to go with as many outfits as, a pair of black boots would. This fall there are some great colorful options to choose from shades of red and blue being the most prominent, followed by darker shades of green.

Animal prints are still a hot trend for fall and winter 2011, there’s going to be a ton of fall shoes and boots with animal prints this fall and winter. If you stick to classic styles and avoid trendy details that might date the shoes or boots, then you don’t have to wait for anyone to tell you they’re “in,” because they’re never really “out”. They can be Hot when worn with the right outfit.


Pumps themselves are not trendy, but fall of 2011 shows off the updated pump. There will be two different styles of pump, you will see embellishments added such as, bows and ruffles, and there will be another displaying big, bold, and chunky heels. You might even find a pump the has both types of detailing. You still can’t go wrong with a mary jane, ankle, or t-strap, or sky-high heels and platform soles.


Among those mini-trends is a rise in popularity of western boot styles. Ankle boots are also going to be prevalent this fall, as are boots with layers.  Another mini-trend in women’s boots for fall 2011 is styles that feature quilted uppers. Boot and bootie styles with open toes and cutaway sides are still going strong for the season. Designers have  decided to focus their attention on details — specifically, the details of fastening systems.

Fur and Faux Fur Shoes and Boots

Thick, fluffy sweaters to faux fur boots, you will be seeing a lot of it this fall and winter. This is going to be a Top trend for the 2011 season!


Tall boots, ankle boots, pumps, and booties will all be sporting wedge heels this fall, even at the taller heights, wedges are usually easier to wear than stilettos. I’ve also seen a  number of wedge heeled shoes and boots that actually fall into the mid-height range which is good for those  who aren’t giving in to the trend towards heels that are 5 inches and over.

Socks and Shoes

There are not many women that like wearing socks in their shoes but after Rihanna appeared in public sporting pumps with a pair of socks millions of her fans started copying her.  If socks in shoes arent for you try warm tights instead.


The biggest trend for 2011 is metallic.  Metallic shoes with glitter, encrusted crystals and rhinestones, are hot this season but even if you’re not the shimmery type, you’re going to have a great deal of footwear in silver, gold, pewter, platinum, and bronze to choose from.

Whatever your style there is plenty to choose from this season. Go ahead and try something new!

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