Fashion and Business Success

The proper business attire and attitude!

A Touch of Bling Bra
straps are the perfect addition to your business attire.  Dress up any outfit with our beautiful
accessories! Your co-workers and customers will love them!

Business Attire for Success

Wear Tailored Clothing
it gives you a polished look and is easy to mix and match with other items.

Avoid loud colors and patterns;
you want to make a business statement not a fashion statement.

Always iron your
clothes for a fresh clean appearance. Wrinkle free is the way to be!

Pants and Suits
Stick to a tailored pant. Avoid denim and heavy cotton material items. When picking
out your suit stay away from synthetic fabrics like rayon and polyester blends.

Skirts and Dresses

Length is critical.
Don’t wear items that show too much thigh. Another miss is high slits. If you
can’t walk comfortably in your skirt or dress it is too small!

Shirts and Sweaters

Cleavage is a big no
no!! Also avoid see through garments.


Coordinate your shoe with the color of your purse! It’s a
fun subtle fashion statement! Pick a closed toe pump that complements your
outfit. Avoid sandals, chunky heels, flat
soled-shoes, stilettos, or shoes with too much height.

9 Tips for a successful business!

Be organized! It will make a world of a
difference when it comes to getting tasks done!

Keep detailed records. You will know what changes need to
be made and where the business stands financially.

Analyze your competition. Study your competitors and learn
from them. They may be doing something right that will generate you more money.

Risks and rewards. Understand them. Weigh your risks
and rewards. Taking calculated risks may be very successful for your business.

Stand out! Be Creative. Find ways to stand out
from your competitors.

Stay focused. “Rome was not built in a day.” It
may take some time to achieve the results you are looking for. Don’t lose sight
of them.

Sacrifices. Be prepared to make them. This may
mean spending less time with your family and more time with your business.

Service. Make sure it is A+. Customer
service is critical. The customer is always right.

Consistency. To be successful you need to be

Now that you have the proper business attire under control,
let’s have some fun!

Choose your attitude. A good attitude is contagious.
Always keep a “glass half full” attitude. This is the main
ingredient for a good day.

it up!
Try something new each day. Spice up your work
environment and challenge yourself.

the extra mil
e! If you put extreme effort into something it will not
go unnoticed. Your boss, customers, and co-workers will appreciate your hard
work and you will leave them all wowed!

Be fun! Sing and dance. It will brighten up
your day and the people around you! Avoid telling jokes but don’t lose your

Go outside! Utilize your break outside. Take in
the fresh air and calming feel. It will give you time to rejuvenate and will
leave you feeling fresh for the next task at hand.

Meeting can be oh so very boring! Interact with your
co-workers. Be active during your meetings. It will keep the employees
attention. Try not to exceed 15 minutes for your meeting or you will start to
lose your audience.

Complement everyone! If you notice something someone is
doing very well or that you like let them know! A complement goes a lot further
than you think.

Don’t give up! There are always options. Spend
some time thinking out of the box. Sometimes walking away or taking a break
from something is the best answer. When you come back to it you will feel much

One thought on “Fashion and Business Success

  1. What a great post! So many great ideas, I can’t wait to get started!
    Look forward to next topic you cover.

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