2011 Fall Fashion Trend: Leather Dresses & Skirts


Fall is right around the corner, what’s the latest fashion from the top designers…it happens to be leather dresses and skirts!

You may have seen some leather dresses on the red carpet this season, but this look at leather is more about daytime, and even office wear. But first, we should talk about quality  if you plan to add a leather dress or skirt to your wardrobe, we recommend that you budget accordingly.

You get what you pay for with leather, so you want to invest in a quality piece one that is soft and will keep its shape. This is not a throw away trend so spending a little extra on a good piece is worth it.

Definitely do not buy Pleather or Vinyl! You can tell the difference.

You can already find some great leather dresses, my favorite is the shift dress.  It is minimal and elegant, and all you need is opaque tights and a great pair of ankle boots to finish the look. Less is more so keep the look polished and clean,  accessorize with a statement cuff or bangles.

If you’re hesitant about the leather dress, but love the idea maybe a leather skirt is for you! You can mix and match fabrics, so pair a sassy leather skirt with your chunky knits, or even a favourite jersey top. Leather skirts are a great base for the layering trend.

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